13 Jul 2018 I Planning Appeal Success in Llangennith

CDN Planning have recently submitted a planning appeal on behalf of a client who was refused planning permission for the incorporation of land into the residential curtilage to form a new driveway, entrance and extension to he garden in SA3 Swansea.

The Council had refused the application because in their professional opinion the proposed development would have an unacceptable impact on the character and appearance of the surrounding area.

In her report the Inspector allowed the appeal writing; “that the siting of the proposed driveway and garden extension, immediately adjacent to Long Acre House, and their combined scale, occupying an area of some 0.018 hectares, would provide a modest, logical and congruent extension to the curtilage of the dwelling and the village.” It was later confirmed by the Inspector that she did not consider that the proposed development would have such an adverse impact on the character and appearance of the village, open countryside or the AONB (area of outstanding natural beauty) and was thus in accordance with Swansea’s Unitary Development Plan (2008).