Another Appeal Allowed in Swansea

CDN Planning received good news for their client today. An Inspector has allowed an appeal that gives planning permission for the first floor of a commercial property to be used as a studio flat. The proposal had originally been refused planning permission by the City and County of Swansea due to the absence of any dedicated off-street parking. However Senior Planner Matthew Gray presented a detail appeal statement that demonstrated that this part of Tycoch was characterised by a variety of uses and that the use of the building as a small residential unit would be unlikely to generate more parking requirements than any alternative uses. The type of accommodation proposed would be unlikely to be lived in by someone with a car, particularly in a location with good accessibility to shops, services, facilities and public transport. Furthermore, the appeal statement referred to previous cases where CDN have convinced an Inspector to overturn a decision based on the lack of parking. We are pleased that the Inspector has once again come to this conclusion.