Appeal Allowed in Swansea for Development at Llewitha

CDN secured a planning permission via appeal for the development of a pair of semi-detached traditional style houses on land off Swansea Road in Llewitha.

The City and County of Swansea refused the application because of the location of the site outside the settlement boundary and, according to their dated Unitary Development Plan, in the open countryside. CDN argued in both the initial application and the subsequent appeal statement that despite the location beyond the settlement boundary, Llewitha is definitely a settlement in its own right and that the proposed development would constitute ’rounding off’ and would be consistent with national planning policy which recognises that sensitive infilling of small gaps and extensions to isolated groups of dwellings can be acceptable in appropriate locations.

The Inspector supported our position and  concluded that ‘In physical and visual terms therefore the proposal would form a logical and small extension to the existing group of dwellings, effectively rounding off the development pattern. In these circumstances, the proposal would not erode any defining countryside characteristics or cause any material harm to the character or appearance of the area’.