Approved – 2.2 MW Solar Farm at Treoes

CDN Planning was pleased to gain a planning approval in June for the development of a 2.2MW solar farm on land at Court Farm, Treoes on behalf of our clients Sybac Solar International GmbH, who are a German company beginning to invest in the UK market.

The scheme will involve the erection of around 9,000 solar panels on frames that are piled into the ground. These panels will have a generating capacity of 2.2MW, which is equivalent to the annual average usage of around 630 homes. The solar farm will be connected via underground cables to the existing electricity grid just outside the site.

It is the intention of Sybac and the landowner to create an ecologically-friendly solar farm, which will involve new hedgerow planting and the sowing of species-rich seed mixes. The fields around, between and underneath the solar panels will continue to be able to be grazed by sheep.