Planning Appeal Service

Providing Specialist Service To Local Authorities

Along with its appeal service to private sector clients, CDN Planning has set up a specialist planning appeals team providing services specifically targeted at assisting Local Authorities. CDN Planning has provided advice and undertaken appeals on behalf of a number of Councils in England and Wales. Some recent examples follow below:

CDN Planning has been instructed by Monmouthshire County Council on a number of occasions in the last few years to act on its behalf in cases that have been taken to an appeal hearing or public inquiry and where the decision is contrary to officer recommendation.

Monmouthshire County Council

CDN Planning provided planning and urban design analysis to Reading Borough Council in relation to a planning inquiry where a Brownfield residential development proposal was refused planning permission. To strengthen it’s case, the Council appointed Kedrick Davies to provide expert evidence at the inquiry and on that basis the Council’s decision was upheld.

Reading Borough Council