Public Inquiry – Rhos Garn Wind Farm

Providing Expert Evidence At Public Inquiry

As part of CDN Planning’s specialist planning appeals service to Local Authorities, CDN Planning was initially instructed to provide advice on the Council’s prospects of defending a Committee decision to refuse planning permission for a 20MW (10 turbine) wind farm on land at Rhos Garn. Our advice was that, based on the reasons for refusal, the Council’s case was difficult to support.

CDN Planning advised the Council that a policy argument could be used to argue that outside those areas identified within TAN 8 as Strategic Search Areas – “other areas” should remain free of “large” wind farm developments – this could then be used as a basis for defending one of the Council’s reasons for refusal i.e. that the proposal would have an unacceptable impact of the landscape of the area – despite the fact that the reasons for refusal did not raise a policy objection to the proposal.

CDN presented the only evidence put on behalf of the Council at a 4-day Public Inquiry and were successful in getting the appeal dismissed.

Ceredigion County Council