Tourism in the Neath Valley

CDN Planning have secured outline planning permission for the construction of 32 holiday homes in the Neath Valley.

The application sought permission for 32 holiday homes, new access road, stables and a children’s play area, along with the retention of an existing lodge as the resort’s information centre and management office.  The site is located in the open countryside and comprises a mix of grassland, overgrown scrub and an existing holiday home. The new access road would connect with the B4434 and wind its way up the hillside to the application site.

Graham Carlisle of CDN Planning organised supporting information to underpin the planning application, including a Transport Statement, business plan and design statement. After lengthy negotiation between CDN Planning, the Local Planning Authority and various stakeholders, the application was finally written up by the planning officer with a recommendation of approval. On 19th August Members of the Planning Committee voted to grant planning permission.