30 Oct 2017 I Pre-application Consultation: Land North of Jockey Street, Swansea

Please follow the links below to view documents which form part of the Pre-Application Consultation stage for the proposed construction of a 453 bed high rise purpose built student accommodation at the Land North of Jockey Street, Swansea, SA1 1NS.

Design Commission for Wales Submission

Application Form

Planning Statement 6.0

0888.1 Transport Assessment

1703035R01A – Noise Assessment – signed

A102427 Jockey Street Air Quality Report DMRB 20oct17

Archaeology Report 1551 – Jockey Street Swansea – DBA

DLA-1818-L-01 Hard Landscape

DLA-1818-L-02 Soft Landscape

Jockey Street Daylight+Sunlight Study – signed

JockeyStreet Phase1 Ecology_Sep17_V2_Final

The Design and Access Statement (DAS), Geotechnical Report and Accurate Visual Representations Report can be viewed, along with all the above documents, on the Dropbox URL link below: