30 Oct 2017 I Pre-application Consultation: Land North of Jockey Street, Swansea

Please follow the links below to view documents which form part of the Pre-Application Consultation stage for the proposed construction of a 453 bed high rise purpose built student accommodation at the Land North of Jockey Street, Swansea, SA1 1NS.

Application Form

Planning Statement 6.0

0888.1 Transport Assessment

1703035R01A – Noise Assessment – signed

A102427 Jockey Street Air Quality Report DMRB 20oct17

Archaeology Report 1551 – Jockey Street Swansea – DBA

DLA-1818-L-01 Hard Landscape

DLA-1818-L-02 Soft Landscape

Jockey Street Daylight+Sunlight Study – signed

JockeyStreet Phase1 Ecology_Sep17_V2_Final

The Design and Access Statement (DAS), Geotechnical Report and Accurate Visual Representations Report can be viewed, along with all the above documents, on the Dropbox URL link below: