Non-Material Amendments in Wales

From September 2014, small changes can be made to extant planning permissions by way of a Non Material Amendment (NMA) application. It is the intention of the Welsh Government to remove the need to submit fresh planning applications encompassing only minor alterations to approved schemes. 

The responsibility for determining what changes comprise an NMA lies with Officers at the relevant Local Planning Authority. Generally, it is dependent on the context of the overall scheme, the amendments being sought and the specific circumstances of the site and surrounding areas. 

It is anticipated (at least by the Government) that NMAs will enable an effective route to agreeing small alterations to extant permissions in an expedient manor. For further information please contact Matthew Gray who has considerable experience of the similar process that has been in place in England for a couple of years and will be able to advise on the options available to developers and applicants. He will also be able to provide copies of our new briefing note on the subject.