Swansea Tall Buildings Strategy Review

CDN Planning has made a submission to the City and County of Swansea’s Tall Buildings Strategy Review putting forward a proposal to extend the ‘Consider Zone’ to promote the regeneration of the area to the north of High Street station.

The area proposed includes Ty Nant, the HM Revenue and Customs office, Ty Bryn Glas, the Trinity St David’s Business School along with the Friendship House and Canolfan Canoldre Centre sites as illustrated in the map below (area in green).

Jockey Streey Map

CDN Planning is working with Huw Griffiths Architects on a scheme to develop the Canolfan Canoldre Centre site to construct a 15-storey landmark student residential tower with active ground floor uses. The proposed development would encourage greater pedestrian footfall and investment in an area of Swansea that has long been neglected and is in great need of revitalisation.

Jockey Street Sketch

Courtesy of Huw Griffiths Architects


A full copy of our submission to the City and County of Swansea is available here.