Although the planning system is the same regardless of whether a site is in an urban location or a countryside one, rural planning often has different issues to those associated with development in towns and cities.

From our office in Swansea we serve a wide rural area, encompassing National ParksAreas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and other designations such as green wedges and special landscape areas, as well as the general open countryside. We have prepared and submitted numerous planning applications (and appeals) for rural developments, including:

  • Rural enterprise dwellings (e.g. new dwellings on farms)
  • Agricultural diversification schemes (e.g. holiday lets or electricity generation)
  • Renewable energy projects (e.g. solar farms, biomass, wind turbines)
  • Barn conversions (e.g. rural business hubs, bespoke dwellings, holiday lets)
  • Equestrian uses (e.g. stables, menages)
  • Affordable housing
  • Market housing (e.g. infill schemes, small-scale expansion of sustainable communities)
  • Commercial schemes (e.g. changes of use, pub/retail uses, business expansions)
  • Tourist and recreational facilities (e.g. hotels, chalets, caravan sites, community recreation)

Our track record of planning projects in rural areas means we are fully aware of the potential issues that should be addressed in order for planning permission to be granted. We have experience of landscape planning and design, but on some projects such as wind turbines or solar farms we need to commission subconsultants to undertake a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment. Other professionals that we often work closely with include ecologists, highways engineers, geologists, architects and surveyors.